Birthday Blast

Birthday Blast

June 1st this year was a blur because I was practicing my pitch for the fellowship summit. I knew that if I got the award, I knew I’d be celebrating something bigger.

Once the summit was over on June 5th and I won the World Learning Advancing Leaders Fellowship, it was time to celebrate!

I spent the entire month of June in California, meeting other artists, painting walls and leaving my mark, making new friends, eating good food, biking on the Golden Gate bridge and just straight up CHILLIN’

I need to go back and live in California some day. #bucketlist


Another wall in California

imagine in Oakland Gallery,  CalifornaiAnother wall in California

I was invited by Oakland Gallery to paint. It was a pleasure painting beside a wall adjacent to Shepherd Fairy’s work…psh..NO PRESSURE!

Next to that giant. No pressure.