On a Big Wall

This weekend I got the opportunity to help Caleb Neelon and Katie Yamasaki on their mural in Chelsea at the Boys and Girls Club. Never having laid paint on such a giant wall before, I was thrilled to contribute in anyway I could.

Working with such experienced artists/muralists/book writers/world travelers, I definitely walked away with more than I could give. Among the many things I learned, painting with a roller handle that was twice as taller than me was probably the most useful skill I learned. A skill by the way, Caleb says, you will not find written about in any mural/graffiti/street art book anything. I was also introduced to the Spanish Montana 94. These low Pressure cans gave me easy can control and the colors were fairly consistent. Out of the color palette I was given, ‘Naranja Fenix’ and ‘Tibet’ were my favorite colors – Tibet is my favorite color for the same reason ‘Himalaya’ by Montana Gold is my favorite – go figure.

Listening to Caleb’s adventures in Kathmandu and watching Katie work on her larger than life portraits, I am inspired to continue what I’m doing and tonot get any closer to being a doctor or an engineer.

Caleb Neelon’s work: www.calebneelon.com

Katie Yamasaki’s work: http://www.katieyamasaki.com


Nepali writing is writing right for me

The piece above is written in Nepali. This is my attempt to bring together where I am from and what I have learned here in Boston. I write IMAGINE because this is the meaning of my mom’s name, “Kalpana”. I realize that most graff writers can’t read Nepali but I gotta stick to this because it only feels right.

I spent the last 3 weekends working on these pieces. The first one I did out of sheer spontaneity, the second one was a learning process in which ProBlak’s guidance was invaluable. The third one was a test. The day turned out unexpectedly cold and I found out I was outgrowing the wall. The two-hit combo left me unsatisfied at the way I left the wall. But here is to sharing my learning process with everybody.

ProBlak’s work:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/problak/