Novelty for the Eyes

Even before your feet touch a new place, your eyes feast on it like a kid in a candy store. The experience when your eyes feast on novelty is perhaps not an experience for all and it might be unsettling to many but I know that I live for this.

The first time I realized my happiness comes from seeing new places, I was in a train to Geneva, Switzerland. I was so captivated by the newness of everything around me that I forgot for a little bit that I had just lost and then loved. To feed the greed for newness for my eyes, I have lost many I love. But, that is the luring of the experience.

As I get closer to more and more stability in life, you learn more and more and inevitably, less and less remains unknown. Experiences with things that have remained unknown in your life is what makes you known to yourself, I think. Traveling to new places shows me what those unknown things are, be it the places infront of me or places in my mind.

A sort of reintroduction to myself takes place when I am in a new place. This refreshing and rewarding feeling becomes more and more difficult to experience unless one makes special efforts time and again to earn that experience. Working hard to earn these experiences will forever bring happiness. Thank you for everyone that has played a part in it.


A Graff Road: Importance of The Process

I was part of my first graffiti production today. It’s been an exciting learning road and i’m still riding on it. I got out of my house at 6:30am and didn’t sleep much the night before. Painting all day, I got home at 9pm.

It felt great today to literally use everyting Pro Blak taught me about graffiti anything – from his graff magazines to numerous days practicing my lines (Making clean, skinny lines with a spray can is a must have skill before approaching any kind of graff writing! Check out how I did –  hours after work in the sun in  my blog post-

Valuable lesson I learned today is to not forget the process and set up behind a great piece of wall work. Hence, here are some posts of how we started and where we left the wall today.

Tomorrow we are going back to finish it up right after work.

I had one of the most grateful days I have had ever since I moved to Boston. I had the honor to paint with Pro Blak and Soem.

Despite being one of Boston’s best known graffiti writer, Pro Blak has takenso far the flight has been a great learning experience. One year ago, I tagged along with Pro Blak when he was about to take upon a big burner ( see picture below ) I learned a lot from watching him on work on it for days. (Check out the pictures I took from that burner: )